Here’s Why You Should Use AI Marketing Tools in 2023

There are a handful of new tools popping up on the marketing landscape that you’re going to want to know about in 2023 – and they’re all utilizing AI.

AI (artificial intelligence) may remind you of futuristic robots and science fiction movies. However artificial intelligence is actually being used by businesses large and small, creatives and entrepreneurs every day to grow and promote their platforms. And now, you can too!

The Benefits of using AI in your marketing

Have you ever struggled with what to say on social media? Can’t find the time to write a blog post or research for your new product? AI can help. Here are just a few of the benefits of using AI tools in your business.

  1. Personalization: AI can be used to personalize marketing messages and content for your individual customers. Therefore this personalization can help increase engagement and conversion rates.
  1. Predictive analytics: With the right AI tools, you can analyze your audience, create more targeted campaigns and identify new opportunities for growth online.
  1. Content creation: This is our personal favorite! AI can be used to create personalized and engaging content, like product recommendations or personalized email campaigns.
  1. Social media management: AI tools can automate your social media tasks, like scheduling posts and responding to inquiries, saving you time and resources!
  1. Ad targeting: AI can optimize your ad targeting and placements. This will improve the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and reduce ad spend.
  1. Customer service: If you have a small business selling products or courses, AI chatbots and other tools can provide 24/7 customer support – improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6 Great AI Marketing Tools to Get You Started

There are new AI marketing popping up online every day. Therefore the potential of these tools will only continue to expand and develop.

If you’re ready to dive in and try a few out, we wanted to share with you a few tools that we think are worth trying out. Some are free and some are available through a monthly membership.

  1. ChatGPT – This ever-growing free platform can be used for everything from text generation to script writing, research and more. The possibilities truly are endless for what this tool can do.
  2. Jasper.Ai – One of the tried and true resources on the list, Jasper is an AI writer and art generator created with teams in mind. Create blog posts, marketing copy, and AI-generated images fast.
  3. Articoolo: This AI-powered content creation tool that can generate articles, blog posts, and other types of content based on a given topic or keyword.
  4. ChatFuel: Get new customers, increase sales, and automate support with this no-code chatbot.
  5. Quill: Quill is an AI-powered content creation tool that can generate a wide range of content, including articles, emails, social media posts, and more.
  6. Brand24: This AI-based platform gives you instant access to mentions about your brand across the web. It also allows you to measure your marketing and promotional efforts.

In the end, the best AI tool for a small business will depend on the specific needs and goals. Be sure you know what you’re working towards in the new year and that will help to guide you to the right tools for you.

Now let us know – Which of these AI tools are YOU going to try out in 2023?

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