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Red Bird Social has been critical in managing our social media accounts. We are both grateful for the team’s hard work and dedication to our individual and combined platforms.

Kirsten Watson, Editor of Mom Life Today &
Benjamin Watson, Former NLF Player, Author & Advocate

Kirsten & Benjamin Watson
Mandy Wilson

Working with Red Bird Social is a pleasure. They are creative and knowledgeable in the latest trends in marketing and social media. But what makes them stand apart is the time they take to listen to my campaign needs and goals. There are no one-size-fits-all campaigns at Red Bird because they go the extra mile to understand both our products and our customers.

Mandy Wilson,
Marketing Director at HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Danya and her stellar team at Red Bird Social always go above and beyond for our authors as it relates to content, creating lead generation assets, shareables, and one-to-one coaching on best social media practices. They are organized, detailed, and extremely client-centric.

Thank you, Red Bird Social!

Sherrie Slopianka

Publisher/VP of Development at Harvest House Publishers

Sherrie Slopianka - Harvest House Publishers

As a songwriter and a performer, connecting with audiences is my main focus. The collective expertise of the folks at Red Bird Social have made a tremendous impact on the way I utilize the platform of social media to do just that – connect with my existing audience, as well as gain all-new followers. Sensitive to my individual needs and creative whims, Red Bird Social utilizes up-to-date knowledge of ever-changing social networking trends to help clients connect with the widest audience possible. I, for one, am grateful to know the folks at Red Bird Social.

Andrew Greer

Singer/Songwriter/Podcast Host

Red Bird Social was an integral part of the release of my books Journey to Superhero School and Welcome to Superhero School. As a first time self-published author, the knowledge Danya and her team provided were vital in planning how to launch my books. Red Bird Social provided support and guidance every step of the way. With their help, we were able to premier one of my books as an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Thank you so much for the continued support and blessing me by helping me give back to the community! 💙

Gracie Dix

Best-Selling Author

Marriage Cruise logo

The Love Like You Mean It Cruise needs such a unique voice and style for it's social presence. Would an outside agency be able to understand and "speak" for it? Red Bird does such an amazing job!! Their people have the creativity, knowledge, and expertise to serve all of our social media agency needs - and they are very quick and responsive when something needs to be addressed. That is SO important. I rest easy knowing such a like-minded, caring, and competent group is part of my team! )

Tim Bell

Cruise Director, Love Like You Mean It Cruise

Michele Cushatt

When it came time to launch my most recent book, I knew I needed to be far more strategic with my social media strategy. The problem? I didn’t have the time or expertise to make it happen. Enter Red Bird Social. In short order, they captured a vision for the book’s message, worked closely with my team to develop a comprehensive social media strategy, and executed it far better than I could’ve done alone. I highly recommend making them a part of your team and plan, too.

Michele Cushatt

Author, Speaker, and Life Coach

Tammie Jo Shults

I have spent most of my life flying and studying aircraft—so when I authored a book, Nerves of Steel, I had some new “systems” to learn. Social media was not something in my scan before authoring a book, I am convinced that Red Bird Social Media was a part of making it a National Best Seller as well as grooming me to enjoy the outreach available, eventually stepping into it myself. They are incredible, with an intuitive understanding of people!

Tammie Jo Shults

Author of Nerves of Steel


Red Bird Social opened my eyes to who my audience is. They taught me creative and effective ways to connect and build a larger social network. I believe it to be a very wise investment to work with Red Bird Social and learn important skills to help make your career as an entrepreneur, artist, or writer as effective and wide reaching as it possibly cane be.

I saw enormous growth in a very short amount of time. I LOVE Red Bird Social!

Cindy Morgan

Grammy award winning singer/songwriter and author

Tonda Solomon

The Red Bird experience is a delight. Their creativity and resourcefulness provided a full experience where I felt my project was seen and heard and valued. They inspired me to believe even more in the message I’d been given.” OR “The Red Bird experience is a delight. Their creativity and resourcefulness provide a full experience where one is seen and heard and valued. They inspire you to believe even more in the message you’ve been given.

Tonda Solomon

Author of Surviving Love


Red Bird Social is a Godsend when it comes to building a presence in this fast paced Social Media world!  Not only did Red Bird take care of all the details, they helped me understand Social Media strategy better.  Working with Red Bird for the launch of my first book, helped catapult it #1 Bestseller in 3 different Amazon Categories. I highly recommend leaving your Social Media needs in their capable hands!

Susie Miller

Best-selling author and speaker


When it comes to social media management, Danya and Jason Clairmont rock! They’re creative, dependable, lightening fast and just plain fun to work and dream with. They effectively carry the heaviest part of your digital load, which gives you a few more hours to frolic and/or work more efficiently! Frankly, I’m so grateful for their assistance, I’m seriously considering getting their names tattooed on my ankle.

Lisa Harper

Author, Speaker, and Bible teacher


I came to Red Bird Social to help build my brand, gain more followers on different social media outlets and refine my website. They met and exceeded expectations. They were so friendly and easy to work with. If there was ever an issue that came up, they were on top of it. They were super with communication and always updated me on the growth of my brand. I would recommend Red Bird Social to anyone. 

Shannon DeGarmo

Author and Speaker

"I love working with the Red Bird team! They provide a personal and professional experience where your ideas are seen, heard and valued. With a creative and resourceful approach, this team achieves optimal results every time. Above all, they believe in the message you’ve been given.”

Rebekah Lyons

Best Selling Author and Speaker

Rebekah Lyons
Porch Pals presents logo

Red Bird Social is a team of social media marketing experts who will get the job done.
They work quickly and efficiently to get the job done. They are continuously educating themselves on the ever changing Social Media Platforms in order for the message to be sent accurately and effectively. I am so thankful for their help.

Abel Martinez

Porch Pals Presents

Kelly Berry

The team at Red Bird Social helped me launch and organize my social media campaign for my second children’s book, The Tasty Thumb. I was nervous about how this process would “look” and they made me feel so comfortable! They designed a calendar that seemed to perfectly fit my needs!

Kelly Berry



Red Bird Social has been an absolute God-send to me! When I ran smack-dab into my own limitations, the creative folks at Red Bird stepped in, took the creative reigns, and made my social media presence soar. Do yourself a major favor, and make Red Bird a part of your team!

Allison Allen

Speaker and Author


Danya came into my world exactly when I needed her. Her confidence and experience put me at ease and set my platform on a success path. But the best part was how authentic and relational she is. Working with her is a pure pleasure. I highly recommend Red Bird Social.

Mona Corwin

Author, Speaker, Mom-Life Coach

Katy McCown

Red Bird Social offered me unparalleled expertise and extensive knowledge, and they championed my project as though it was their own. While working with them I felt valued, supported and set up to reach my goals in a way that I could not have done without them.

Katy McCown

Author of She Smiles Without Fear


In this fast paced world of web based interaction and information, will help provide creative and innovative content  that is certain to help grow and inform your followers. Red Bird Social has been a great asset  and compliment to our business.

Leigh Cappillino

Grammy nominated musician

Steve & Karen Anderson

Being able to manage and utilize social platforms effectively is critical in today's world of marketing. Red Bird Social has proven expertise in both organic and paid traffic generation. It was a pleasure to work with them for our book launch.

Steve & Karen Anderson

Authors of The Bezos Letters

Laura Piraino

Red Bird Social provided me the tools and support necessary to engage a larger social media community with the truth and love of Jesus Christ. The team is knowledgeable, creative and inspiring!

Laura Piraino

Author of Unshakable God

The Chandy Group logo

I am thrilled to endorse the team at Red Bird Social. They have gone the extra mile for us on event marketing, promotions and social media strategy and have consistently produced results.

Clay Gillespie

The Chandy Group


The folks at Red Bird have done a great job helping me reach my audience. They are experts in communication and assisting me to create just the right message.

Eddie DeGarmo

Author, Musician and Producer

Jan's headshot

Red Bird Social is on the cutting edge in social media! I count on them to do it all and they do it well.

Jan Silvious

Author, Speaker and Life Coach

Thann Bennett

My friends at Red Bird Social treat every project as if it were their own. You want them on your team!

Thann Bennett

Author of My Fame His Fame

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