What We Can Learn From the TikTok Craze

In September 2016, a new video app quietly launched in the App Store. Owned by ByteDance, it was known in China as Douyin. The entertaining, music-based platform quickly grew in popularity and the video-sharing craze spread worldwide.

This is how TikTok as we know it began.

A year ago, it seemed like TikTok would be another passing fad, used exclusively by teenagers and brands aiming to reach a demographic under the age of 21.

However, TikTok has proved to be much more than a fad. As of June 2021, the app is available in over 150 countries, with 1 billion users. In the U.S. alone it’s been downloaded over 200 million times.

Once thought to be “mostly just for young people,” and despite political and security concerns, TikTok is here to stay.

Whether you’re a first-time author, a non-profit, or a growing service-based business, the reality is that some of your audience is most likely on TikTok.

Many brands have migrated to the platform because it’s not limited to the same algorithms and pay-for-play style of discovery found on Facebook and Instagram. That means if you can find a creative way to spread your message, mission, or name, it’s a great place for your people to find you.

So what can we learn from the digital sensation that is TikTok?

Here are three key takeaways you need to know:

  1. Marketing can be fun.

Marketing your brand or business shouldn’t be drudgery. In fact, if you aren’t passionate or interested in what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be doing it at all! TikTok is a great way to dabble in making your brand a little more fun. Whether it’s showing someone using your product in a fun environment, having your team take part in the latest dance, or simply showing your personality as an author or public figure, every bit of content moves the needle. Sometimes showing up in an interesting or entertaining way IS marketing.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try new platforms.

Even if you haven’t hopped on TikTok yet, the platform is still growing. It’s not too late! Make a free account and browse some of the content being created by other brands and public figures, then try a little something of your own! Even if it doesn’t end up being a platform that works in the long term for your brand, it will only help you to keep things fresh and explore new ideas.

  1. It’s okay to borrow ideas and make them better.

One unique aspect of TikTok is that users often recreate the same content in different ways. You’ll see the same dances, songs and challenges reimagined on thousands of accounts. If you see a great idea on TikTok, don’t be afraid to try it on and make it your own. Add your vision, your branding, and your spin on popular trends from the platform, always keeping your ideal client in mind. This will keep you on your toes and keep your own marketing efforts fresh and creative.

Are you on TikTok yet? Why or why not? We’d love to hear about your experience so far on the platform!

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