The Very Beginner’s Guide to Making an Instagram Reel

By now you probably know about or have seen countless Instagram Reels popping up on your social feed online. Reels seem to be everywhere at the moment – and for good reason. 

These short, entertaining videos often feature trending audio and music that is helping content creators and brands get found by thousands of new eyes. Featuring 15-60 seconds clips, these clips are perfect for entertainment, education, and boosting engagement.

But jumping into this new type of content can feel a little bit intimidating if you’ve never done it before. 

Have you considered trying out some Instagram Reels as part of your social media strategy? That’s great!

We went ahead and created this simple, step-by-step walkthrough to help you create your very first Instagram Reel. Why not do it today?

3 Ways to Access Instagram Reels

  1. Start with the Reels tab.

The Reels tab is centered at the bottom of the app. Click on it and it takes you directly to the Reels feed. 

Next click on the camera on the top right corner and it will take you to the camera to begin recording your reel.

  1. Start on your Instagram home screen.

Go to your Instagram homepage and click on the button with a plus sign on it located at the top right corner of the app. 

Next select “Reel” and it will take you to the camera.

  1. Use the Instagram Stories camera.

To access Reels through the IG Stories camera, click on your icon located on the top left corner of the app. 

Next, you’ll see “Reels” at the bottom between “Story” and “Live.” 

Either of these options will take you to the camera to record your IG reel. Your screen should look something like this:

You can record using the selfie camera or normal camera. 

It’s Time To Record Your Reel!

Ready to do this? You’re just moments away from your first Reel!

Step 1: First, click on the button at the bottom with the slate. (You can also add a filter by selecting another button)

Step 2: Hold the button of your choice and it will begin recording. To stop recording, simply remove your finger from the button. 

Or, you can use the hands-free recording. Click on the timer to your left and select the amount of time you wish to record.

Tip: You can add videos and photos from your camera roll to your Instagram reel, select the “+” icon on the bottom left corner.

Step 3: Once you’ve recorded your desired content, you can add sound to your recording. Click on the audio button and select a song from the Instagram music library. Or, you can leave the original audio that you recorded. 

You can adjust the song to the part you prefer. Simply slide the bar to your left or right to adjust.

Tip: You can also add effects. Click on the three stars icon on the left to browse Instagram’s effects gallery. 

Step 4: Preview! Once you’re happy with the clips, click on “Preview.”

Tip: You can add additional AR effects or Text during the preview. 

Step 5: Share your Reel! Hit “Next” after previewing your reel. Add a captivating caption about your reel then hit “Share” and voila! You’ve created a reel!

Not so bad, right? Instagram Reels are fun, easy to create, and they’re a great way to draw new eyes to who YOU are and what you do. Have any questions about creating content for Instagram Reels? Let us know in the comments!

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