How Google Can Change the Game for Your Business

Woman working on laptop

Once again, Google is changing the game for marketers. At Red Bird Social, we’ve had great success running targeted Gmail Ad Campaigns for our clients.  (New to Google Ads? — we’ve covered the basics here.) Recently, our Gmail Ads, in combination with Custom Audiences, have seen unprecedented interaction rates compared to many other Google Ads…

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3 Social Media Trends That Are Here To Stay in 2021

2020 was the year of the pivot. Travel plans were canceled, event spaces closed, and many of our work, community, and leisure activities had to be shifted and reimagined for an online space. Consequently, we’ve seen an increase in screen time, online shopping, and additional time at home which has changed the way we do…

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The Role of Gratitude in Marketing

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, a time where we reflect on all that we’re grateful for. You also may be thinking about sending out emails and social posts to thank your audience and prime them for your Black Friday deals. But if Thanksgiving is the only time you express gratitude to your audience, you’re missing…

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