Big Changes On the Way For Google Tracking

Every day Google powers a huge percentage of our daily activities online. One major aspect we often don’t think about? How Google tracks our activity and searches to show the most relevant content for each one of its users. Until now, Google has used third-party cookies to track the interests and activities of its 4…

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How Google Can Change the Game for Your Business

Woman working on laptop

Once again, Google is changing the game for marketers. At Red Bird Social, we’ve had great success running targeted Gmail Ad Campaigns for our clients.  (New to Google Ads? — we’ve covered the basics here.) Recently, our Gmail Ads, in combination with Custom Audiences, have seen unprecedented interaction rates compared to many other Google Ads…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Google PPC

Have you ever been surfing the web and suddenly had an ad pop up for something you considered buying a few days earlier? Maybe it was a virtual conference you’re interested in attending, or the car your husband keeps pestering you about buying. These targeted advertisements following you around the Internet don’t just happen by…

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