How to Create Save-Able Instagram Posts

Are you trying to grow your brand on Instagram, but feel like you’re coming up short? Maybe your likes have grown stale, engagement has dropped, or you’re having trouble gaining new followers. You’re not alone! And when it comes to the Instagram algorithm, saves might be the new likes when it comes to measuring your success. Here are some easy tips to create save-able Instagram content so you can successfully grow your brand or business.

1. Focus on thoughtful captions.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but your actual words are just as important when it comes to your Instagram content. Use your captions to engage with your audience on a personal level. Some quick ways to do this are through story telling or asking your audience questions relevant to your post. Many brands and influencers have also started using Instagram for microblogging. This is where you expand teachings, share a guide or tutorial, or deliver a takeaway directly through your captions. And don’t forget to use hashtags and emojis! A recent study suggests Instagram posts with emojis saw 47.7% more average interactions compared to those without emojis. Do whatever you can to humanize your brand, and you’re more likely to see growth on your Instagram account.

2. Share compelling, evergreen content.

The more helpful your content, the more likely your followers are to save that post and come back later. So while a photo of your computer and a coffee cup are fine every once in a while, that’s not the content you’ll want to post to move your brand or business forward. Some of the most shareable Instagram content includes infographics, tips and hacks, and motivational quotes or videos. Be sure to sprinkle these throughout your content plan.

Before the next step you hit ‘publish’ ask yourself:

  • A. Is this helpful?
  • B. Is this true and factual?
  • C. Is this inspirational enough for someone to save for later?

If the answer is ‘no’ to all three, you’ll want to rethink and revamp what you’re going to share.

3. Tell your followers what to do!

We’ve already shared the importance of CTA’s. But it’s worth repeating again. If you want followers to save and share your posts, you need to tell them to do so! This works especially well when you’re sharing evergreen content and information that will be useful for your viewers later on. A simple ”Don’t forget to save this post for later….” can give continued life to your content long after that original post is shared.

Remember, growing your following and engaging your audience doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that will take time and work. But it’s worth it! Use the tips above and take a few minutes to plan out some new, engaging, and save-able Instagram content. Before you know it, you’ll be growing your brand awareness, and transforming your followers to loyal customers.