How to Grow Your Business with TikTok: Tips and Strategies

Month after month, TikTok continues to grow and become one of the biggest social media platforms for individuals and businesses alike to grow their platforms.

One big reason? The reach of posts on TikTok continues to significantly outpace other social media platforms. More than 650,000 new people are joining TikTok every DAY. That likely means your ideal audience is there too.

TikTok users have an average session duration of users of 10.85 minutes. That is more than DOUBLE of the social media runner-up, Pinterest. People of all types are coming to TikTok in droves. And they’re staying there, for a long time. Will they discover you, your brand, or platform while they’re there?

Here’s how to capitalize on the continued growth and popularity of this unique app.

1. Have Fun Getting to Know the Platform. 

This might seem like a cheesy #1, but it’s 100% necessary. TikTok is a platform like no other. You really need to explore, watch other people’s videos, investigate what’s trending and then try a few different types of content out until you find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to play around and get a little messy. You won’t find what works for you, your brand and your audience until you’re willing to play around and try a few different ideas.

2. Explore TikTok Advertising. 

While their advertising features are still pretty new, they’re shaping up to be a great way for businesses to tap into TikTok’s massive reach. You can use advertising to promote your brand or product in a variety of ways, from short video ads to hashtag challenges. The best part? You can do this creatively so your ads don’t even look like ads. Keep an eye on this feature as it continues to develop, and consider trying out ads to give your business a boost!

3. Use hashtags!

On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, hashtags seem to have lost a lot of their power when it comes to discoverability. But on TikTok, it’s still one of the #1 ways for users and creators to find and be found. Use relevant hashtags that involve the topics and content your ideal audience are paying attention to. Eventually, with consistent posting, they’ll find you too. 

4. Explore Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC). 

User-Generated Content is a fantastic way to show off your products (or services) in a real and authentic way. Utilizing UGC also allows you to tap into the power of influencers, even if you don’t have any big names working with you. Head to TikTok and search for some relevant hashtags related to your product or service. Follow and engage with those creators. When done correctly, you may be able to build a relationship strong enough to ask them to promote and share what you do as well! 

5. Cross-promote your TikTok content on other channels.

While TikTok should definitely be one of your main priorities when it comes to social media, that doesn’t mean you should abandon your other channels. In fact, you can use your presence on other platforms to help grow your TikTok following. Share your favorite TikToks on Instagram stories or Twitter and make sure to include a link to your profile. You never know who might be intrigued enough to check you out!

These are just a few reasons that you should get started with TikTok to grow your business today. With so many new users joining the platform every day, there’s a good chance your ideal audience is already there waiting for you. So take the plunge, download the app today and go get started!

What questions do you have about growing, using, and sharing content on TikTok as a business? We’d love to hear them!

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