Big Changes On the Way For Google Tracking

Every day Google powers a huge percentage of our daily activities online. One major aspect we often don’t think about? How Google tracks our activity and searches to show the most relevant content for each one of its users. Until now, Google has used third-party cookies to track the interests and activities of its 4…

The Very Beginner’s Guide to Making an Instagram Reel

By now you probably know about or have seen countless Instagram Reels popping up on your social feed online. Reels seem to be everywhere at the moment – and for good reason.  These short, entertaining videos often feature trending audio and music that is helping content creators and brands get found by thousands of new…

Bad News for Facebook Advertisers – And What Your Next Steps Should Be

For marketers, brands, and public figures on Facebook and Instagram, ads have always been an excellent way to reach new audiences and share who you are and what you do. But if you have any sort of religious affiliation or a faith-based audience, targeting has just gotten a lot more difficult.

Instagram Won’t Sell Your Books – Here’s What To Do Instead

You’ve finally done it. You’ve written your book and had it published. You are an author. Congratulations!

Now all you need to do is hop on Facebook, share a couple of posts, maybe do one Instagram Live and watch the sales roll in. Right?


How a Competitor Analysis Can Boost Your Marketing

There’s no doubt that building your own brand or platform is hard work. To be successful, the process takes time, effort, and maybe most importantly – strategy.  Yet one of the most overlooked tasks in building your brand that’s often overlooked is keeping an eye on your competitors.  Occasionally keeping an eye on what other…

Big Facebook Ad Targeting Changes for 2022

Have you ever been shocked when that pair of shoes you were just talking about shows up on your Facebook feed? How did they know what you were just dreaming about before you logged on?

5 Authors Using Social Media in Inspiring Ways

By now you probably know that social media is a GREAT place to build your following as a writer. But it can be an overwhelming landscape, too. So today we’re setting out to help YOU get inspired for your own social media journey. Today we’re showcasing a list of 5 authors who have expanded their…

2 More Major Instagram Updates You Should Know About

Lately, it seems that Instagram has been rolling out a non-stop series of updates and changes that affect all users. Many of these are features the general public has been asking about for quite some time.  Well, in the last few weeks, Instagram has introduced TWO major updates that will make ALL user experiences better.…

How to Publish a Book with Amazon KDP

Have you ever thought about writing your own book?  Have you been sitting on an idea or a completed work for a long time but been unsure about what to do with it? Well, we’ve got great news! Gone are the days of having to submit book proposals and wait for a publishing deal to…

A Guide on How to Use the New Instagram “Collab” Feature

With Instagram regularly coming out with new updates, it can be hard to keep up with it all. But their new “Collab” feature is one that brands, influencers and product-based business will definitely want to look into.