Big Changes On the Way for Instagram Stories …

There are some big changes happening on Instagram and if you’re growing, running, or even own an account you’ll want to know about them!

Both updates revolve around the Instagram Stories feature which allows users to post short videos to their profiles that are available for 24 hours. The big changes focus around Story scheduling (finally!) and the removal of the oft-coveted Swipe Up feature.

So long swipe up

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you’ll know larger accounts have the ability to add links and CTA’s to their IG Stories. This was called the Swipe Up feature, and it allows brands and accounts with over 10,000 followers to send their audience to a website or product for more information.

With the new Instagram update releasing, swipe up is officially no more. In its place is the announcement of a new Link Sticker.

With a new design and interface, the goal of link stickers is to blend in better with the other Story features people are already using, such as Stickers, Polls, and the Music feature.

A bonus for brands? These link stickers are fully customizable, so you can edit your CTA, colors and more for your best chance at engagement.

At this time, the link sticker will only be available to accounts that already had the swipe-up feature. We can’t wait to see them in action!

You can find out more details about the new Instagram Link Sticker right here.

Scheduling your Instagram Stories

Creators and social media managers rejoice! No longer do you have to wait for the perfect time to log into Instagram and upload your most recent story. That’s because Instagram Stories can now be prescheduled and posted through Facebook Business Manager!

Here’s a quick how-to on scheduling your next story.

  1. To access this feature you’ll have to have an Instagram business account. Find out more about that process right here.
  2. Log into your Facebook Business Suite and choose “Create Story.”
  3. Upload or create the file you’d like to share and choose whether you’d like it to show up on Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, or both.
  4. The Business Suite will allow you to make additional customizations and preview what your story will look like on each platform.
  5. Next, you’ll have the option to Publish or Schedule your story. Choose Schedule and your desired post time and you’re set!

It’s yet to be seen how these two features will impact reach and engagement on Instagram Stories, but we’re excited to watch and see what happens!

Which of these new Instagram updates are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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