A Guide on How to Use the New Instagram “Collab” Feature

With Instagram regularly coming out with new updates, it can be hard to keep up with it all. But their new “Collab” feature is one that brands, influencers and product-based business will definitely want to look into. 

This new feature allows users to collaborate together on Reels and Feed posts in an official way. This is a game-changer for professional partnerships.

Until now, Instagram users have only been able to collaborate with others through tagging and branded content tags. The Collab feature will let accounts tag other creators and even become co-hosts of their posts. This will make collaborating seamless and effortless – all with a click of a button. It also aims to increase audience engagement and increase transparency with your audience. 

Getting Started With the Collab Feature

There are two different options for using the Collab feature – on an Instagram Reel or a post. Both of these formats show up on the Search page, can use Shopping tags, and are permanent content on your profile.

With the Collab feature, users can invite others to co-share these Reels on their profiles. 

Using Collab on an Instagram Reel:

1. Ensure that both Instagram accounts are set to public.

2. Open Instagram and start recording/editing your video like you usually would. 

3. After editing the video, review it, then click on “Tag People.” You will have the option to invite another user by clicking on “Invite Collaborator.” 

4. Search for the user you’re looking for and then click the checkmark to confirm. 

5. Instagram currently gives you the option to invite up to 20 collaborators. 

6. After confirming your collaborators, it will take you back to the share screen and you can review your settings before hitting share.

Using Collab on an Instagram Post:

1. Take a photo on Instagram or download one from your Photos app. (You can choose as many photos as you’d like.)

2. Make your desired edits, then click to the next screen to view your post settings. 

3. Click on ‘Tag people’ to access the Collab label. Search and select up to 20 people, and send the invite to Collaborate. 

4. Your collaborator must accept the invite to co-host the post. After accepting, you’re ready to publish!

The Instagram Collab feature is a great way to provide transparency around sponsorships, build relationships with other brands and even increase your audience and sales. 

Have you tried this feature out already? We’d love to hear how you’re using the Collab feature on your account! 

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