5 Authors Using Social Media in Inspiring Ways

By now you probably know that social media is a GREAT place to build your following as a writer. But it can be an overwhelming landscape, too. So today we’re setting out to help YOU get inspired for your own social media journey.

Today we’re showcasing a list of 5 authors who have expanded their personal brand in creative ways through social media.

Influence isn’t based on something big or small, but the motive and heart of YOU, the author. Each of these writers found ways to show their hearts and what makes them different in a fun and unique way.

Take a look at the list and get inspired! With a little practice, you can use the same passion and creativity you poured into your writing to advocate for your readers, promote conversation, and build community.

No matter how many followers or book sales you’ve gotten so far, it’s never been easier to build a connection with your readers.

Here are 10 authors using social media in unique ways.

1. Morgan Harper Nichols 

TikTok, Instagram, Twitter

Morgan Harper Nichols releases books and content that showcase the idea behind “being unapologetically you.” She always focuses on encouraging personal growth in her audience. Morgan uses her original artwork to prove that art can be created, and shared, virtually anywhere. She uses TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to read her poems aloud and advocate for the autism community. She also opens her DMs up to receive submissions from her followers that inspire future poems and affirmations.

2. Alli Worthington


Best-selling author Alli Worthington has written some amazing books. She’s also managed to grow a loyal community online. Alli uses her Instagram to showcase her coaching school and creative groups. She regularly posts shareable quotes and thoughts and asks her followers to join in on the conversation. Mixed into her content, you’ll find totally relatable memes that makes followers feel like they know her personally. Alli has struck the perfect balance of being entertaining, inspiring, AND promoting the work she does.

3.  Sadie Robertson 

Instagram, Tik Tok

You may know her from Duck Dynasty, but Sadie Roberston has now built an online empire in her own right. She’s the author of Live Fearless, a new mother, and built a community of almost 300k followers on Instagram. After founding her brand Live Original, she also created The LO sister app, which young Christian women access to bible studies, mentorship, and workshops. Finally, she shares about her podcast, Whoa That’s Good and family life throughout her feed.

4. Cleere Cherry Reaves 


Author Cleere Cherry Reaves uses Instagram to promote community and talk about celebrating our unique identities. She also let’s followers inside of her parenting journey. Cleere regularly shares posts and stories on her 4-week digital bible study, prayers, and podcasts that center around some of the same themes found in her books: Radiate, Focus, and Be Still.

5. Jackie Hill Perry


Jackie Hill Perry is an author and speaker who has grown a loyal following online. On Instagram and her podcast, she shares about faith and theology, parenting, marriage, and more. Jackie’s social feeds are an intimate peek into her life, but she also finds ways to motivate, encourage and connect through her posts and videos. She regularly uses her Instagram highlights to share recipes, music, podcasts, and more to give a well-rounded experience for her followers. 

Take a look at these author’s feeds and then let us know – were you able to gather some inspiration for your own accounts?

As always, if you need help with a social strategy that feels true to who you are and what you do, our team can help!

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