30 Email Subject Lines to Increase Your Opens

By now you know we very regularly preach on the importance of your email list for growing your brand and making your marketing efforts successful. But what you send in your emails will never a make a difference if your subscribers don’t open them!

The average person receives hundreds of emails in multiple inboxes every week. From promotions at their favorite clothing store to restaurant deals, work communication and more, it can be hard to stand out when so many messages are coming in everyday.

The key to making sure your emails actually get opened?

It’s all in your subject line.

What makes a good subject line?

So what exactly makes for a good email subject line? Here are a few key things you’ll want to think about as you write yours for your next e-blast to your list.

1. Personalize it when you can

If you’ve collected first names for each of your subscribers, use it to your advantage! Most email marketing platforms allow you to include the subscribers name in the email subject line, which increases the likelihood of your email being opened.

2. Make it about your reader.

Whenever possible, use words like “You” and “Your” “We” and “Us” in your subject line. We all want everything to be about us, right? So even if you’re just sending a marketing message, make sure they know how it relates to them. 

3. Add an emoji!

Don’t go overboard here, but adding a relevant emoji is an easy way to draw eyes to your email in an otherwise full inbox. One or two will do. This is especially good for emails that are playful or light in nature. 

4. Don’t overdo the CAPS.

Be careful about capital letters and exclamations in your subject lines. Too many of these and your email may be headed straight for the Spam inbox. Some more recent research actually even suggests that all lowercase emails are more likely to be opened. It may be worth a try for your brand!

5. Ask a question.

Asking a question about something that your ideal client cares about is a great way to get them to open your email. Just make sure your question actually pertains to the email’s content, or you may get a swift unsubscribe.

6. Check your sender

Take a look at the Sender name on your emails. Is it the name of your company? Or is it a personal name? If you receive an email and see the sender’s name is “Abby Flynn” it automatically seems more personal and urgent than if you receive an email from “Red Bird Social Co”. The same thing goes for the signature on each of your emails. If it’s coming from an individual instead of a company, it increases the likelihood that that email will be opened. 

7. Change your preview copy

Do you know the copy that shows up in the preview text of your email inbox? You can edit that – and you should! Make sure this displays the first few words of your actual email copy, or use the space to continue the thought started in your subject line to make it feel like a conversation! 

Okay, now that you have a few tips on writing your email subject lines, here are your promised 30 email subject lines that you can start trying out today!

30 Email Subject Lines to Increase Your Opens

  1. RE: 1k System – Did You Apply?
  2. My New Email Marketing Course (free)
  3. the secret is out…
  4. Re: Our conversation
  5. Struggling with a big decision? This will help.
  6. your free Marketing Secrets Cheat Sheets are ready [PDF] 
  7. [Name], check out this cool free resource
  8. The secrets behind great Facebook ads
  9. Did you see this coming?
  10. you free tomorrow at 1PM CST?
  11. Invitation from [Your Name]
  12. What would you do if this happened to you?
  13. It’s happening today! Will you be there?
  14. I really didn’t expect this…
  15. …we’re going live in 15 minutes
  16. The #1 secret that all successful authors know
  17. this is the sign you were waiting for….
  18. *insert name*, where are you?
  19. [Name] We need to talk about [subject]
  20. {New Product] is here. Order yours before we run out.
  21. Our biggest sale ever is happening…
  22. I think you’ll like this
  23. Don’t panic
  24. I didn’t expect this
  25. *Don’t Open This Email*
  26. I didn’t see your name on the list!?
  27.  do you know what this means??
  28. I’ve never done this before…
  29.  [Name], take 75% off today only
  30.  Did you see this yet?

Why not try plugging one of these into your next email campaign and see what kind of results you get? If your open rates start to see a boost, we’d love to hear about it!

Last but not least: Which of YOUR emails in the last 6 months have had the best open rates? What were the subject lines? Tell us in the comments below!

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