3 Tools We Love to Create Great Visuals for Your Business

The saying goes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to professional branding and visuals for your business, what your brand looks like DOES matter if you want to see success.

The great news? Even if you don’t have the budget for a full-time designer, you can still develop a consistent look and feel for your brand. This will help you to build your audience, look professional, and spread your message in an appealing way online.

We live in a visual world. So posting an overused stock photo and waiting for likes and sales to roll in is definitely not an effective digital marketing strategy.

With each piece of visual content you share online, you’ll want to ensure that it aligns with your overall strategy. (Don’t have a strategy yet? Find out more about how to create one right here.)

So without further ado, today we’re sharing our top 3 favorite tools that can give you a competitive visual edge online.

1. Canva

If you’re unfamiliar with Canva, get ready to be amazed! This completely free platform allows its users to create professional-looking images, documents, presentations, and branding collateral of all kinds. With an endless amount of templates, photos and other assets you can create every single visual aspect of your brand on this platform. Canva even allows you to create branded video content that will fit seamlessly into your social feed. This tool is truly one of a kind, and will quickly become your most relied-on tool if you’re DIYing your marketing efforts.

2. Creative Market

Are you looking for the next level of branding in your business? Do you want to create more of a visual package around who you are and what you do? Creative Market may be worth looking into. Not only can you buy licenses for social media templates and designs, you’ll also find high-quality fonts, pitch decks, email templates, logos, and more that can help you to hone in on the look and feel for your brand. While this isn’t a free resource, it can be a great tool when you’re short on money and on time. Go ahead and take a look by searching through the hundreds of categories available on the site. With Creative Market, everyone has the ability to look creative and professional with a few clicks of a button.

3. Unsplash

Last but not least, Unsplash is THE platform for stock photography that doesn’t look cheesy or outdated. There are millions of one-of-a-kind images available to download for free, with more being added by photographers every day. While all photos are free to download and use on your website or social platforms, it is considerate to give the photographer a shout-out or a tag when and where their photos are used. Start digging in at unsplash.com.

Are you currently using any of these tools to create visuals for your business? What are some other platforms, or programs that you’ve found to be useful? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

P.S. Looking for some help getting started with your business’s branding and marketing strategy? That’s what our Red Bird Social team does best! Reach out for a free consultation and find out more about how we can help right here.

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