3 C’s of Content Organization

It’s organization season and you’ve probably been seeing ads for cleaning products and storage containers as you scroll on Facebook. While color-coding your bookshelf or organizing your kitchen pantry is certainly a worthy goal, how about sharing some of that organizational love with your digital content?

You can start with these three C’s…

1. Calendars (are your friends)

Are any special occasions, holidays, seasons, anniversaries or important events, etc. coming up? Create content around those. They’re built-in reasons to celebrate or commemorate whatever it is, and you can see them coming so you can plan ahead. It’s infinitely less stressful to have something ready than to realize late in the day that you now have to throw something together last-minute or risk looking out of touch.

2. Categories (make life easier)

Recurring categories are a great way to organize posts of all kinds, and they make it easy for people to find more of the things—your things—that they like. People like categories.

Think about it: Tuesdays have been around since day three.* Tacos have likely been around almost that long. But Taco Tuesday wasn’t a thing until some clever ad writer coined the phrase sometime in the last century. (Who and when is a source of bitter dispute. Don’t go there. Just pass the salsa.) Putting tacos in the Tuesday category (and vice versa) has done wonders for both Tuesdays and tacos. Organizing your content into categories—and tagging them appropriately—could do the same for you.

3. Catalog (for a rainy day)

We all have times when ideas simply will. not. come.

Your brain has checked out, your creativity is on vacay, and you’re stuck staring at the evil cursor blinking on your blank screen. Show that cursor who’s boss by diving into your idea catalog, pulling out one of the pieces you’ve stashed there, and taking the rest of the day off. What’s an idea catalog, you ask? A file where you keep:

  • Things you like but aren’t quite ready to use
  • Pieces you started but haven’t finished
  • Extra bits and pieces you knocked out when your creativity was working overtime
  • Inspiration from other brands…

Take all those parts, label them by topic and—if you’re really motivated—stick them in folders by category. Even if you just throw it all in a folder, keep everything. You never know when it may be just what you need.

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*Genesis chapter 1 states that God rested on the seventh day. If you count back from Saturday, when that day of rest was originally celebrated, that makes Tuesday the third day of creation. That’s plants and trees day, which would include corn and wheat—vital tortilla ingredients. Coincidence?

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