3 Copywriting Tips from Red Bird Social’s Abby Flynn

Regardless of your business type and the audience you serve, you’re going to have to think about copywriting at some point. From email subject lines to Facebook ads and social posts, the copy you share will play a big part in the first impression of your brand. The words you use and how you use them are too important to be a last-minute thought. Instead, copywriting should play an integral part in your marketing strategy.

But don’t stress! Even if you struggle with writing and don’t have the budget for a copywriter on your team, there are a few easy tips that will lead you to copywriting success. Here are three tips that you can start using in your brand or business today. 

1. Use free editing tools.

There is a slew of free tools online that can help make your business copywriting a breeze. First up, Hemingway is a tool we love for simplifying your writing, spotting mistakes, and making your message as clear as possible. Paste your writing directly into their platform, and Hemingway will spot hard to read sentences, overuse of the passive voice, and even adverbs that should be removed or changed. The goal is to write at a 6th-grade reading level or lower.

And for all you lovers of grammar, be sure to check out Grammarly. They have an easy to use desktop app that spots misspellings, adds missing punctuation, and offers word suggestions. You can also upload, create, and save documents directly like in Evernote and Google Docs.

2. Speak your copy out loud.

You’ve written a Facebook post, marketing email, or a blog, and you’re ready to send it out into the world. What’s the last step you should take? Hold off on pressing “Send” until you’ve read your writing out loud. Conversational copy is the best way to convince, sell, and serve your audience. And the easiest way to find out if your writing is conversational is by speaking it out loud. So don’t mind the stares of other people. Make sure your copy is easy to speak and make changes where it’s not. It will make all the difference as you write to launch and grow your brand.

3. Take notes and keep refining.

Last but not least, keep refining your brand voice! The more you write copy for your brand or business, the better you’ll get. Whenever you spot ads, posts, or emails from businesses you love, save them, and take notes! And the next time you sit down to write, try infusing techniques that you’ve seen others do well into your brand. (Without copying of course.) Before you know it, you’ll find the phrases, sentence structures, and copy styles that come most naturally to you.

I hope these quick tips will help you shape your brand’s content in a way that you can be proud of. And after a little trial and error, you just might find that copywriting can actually be fun!

Are you looking for help with copywriting for your brand or business? Set up a free consultation with our Red Bird Social team! We can’t wait to help you bring your brand vision and words to life.

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