3 Copywriting Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Business

Copywriting. The word might make you think of old fashioned newspaper ads, or a busy corporate office with people in stuffy suits, meticulously editing articles. But no matter where you live or what industry you work in, copywriting is extremely important for anyone who is promoting a brand, business, or product. 

While having great images on your site or Instagram feed can certainly serve your business, it’s what you say about what you have to offer that will ultimately expand your business and draw in your ideal audience. 

So the next time you’re writing about what you do, creating an email for your list, or crafting a branded social media post, do yourself a favor and think strategically about your copy! To help get you started, we’ve rounded up three major copywriting mistakes that most business owners make. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure your copy converts viewers into buyers and loyal fans every time. 

Mistake #1: Not keeping your audience in mind

When you write for your business, who are you speaking to? One of the biggest copywriting mistakes most brands make is not directing their copy to their actual audience. If you don’t already have a client avatar for your business, we can help! Once you have an avatar created, craft your brand’s copy like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with that person. 

A few great questions to ask before creating your avatar would be: Has this person heard of my brand before? Are they familiar with my products and what I offer? What are their pain points, or the problems in their life where they need solutions? What fears or struggles are currently holding them back?

Questions like these will set you up for copywriting success by helping you craft messaging that speaks directly to the people you want to serve. 

Mistake #2: Selling your product instead of a lifestyle or feeling

In a lot of ways, this second point goes hand in hand with the first. Whether you’re an author, musician, life coach, or clothing store, it can be easy to spend all your time trying to sell your product. What’s wrong with that? The problem with using your copy to sell your product is that people don’t care about your product. They care about themselves. Are you describing your business, your products, and what YOU have to offer? Or are you describing your customer’s problems, feelings, and emotions, and the solution your product offers them? 

If you have a brand, you’re selling a lifestyle. Whether you’re promoting health, happiness, or financial freedom, your product needs to provide a promise to your consumer. And your copy needs to refer to that promise again and again. 

Mistake #3: Not deciding your goal before you write

What do you want your audience to do after they read your copy? Whether you’re writing a sales page or product description, you need to know what action you want your reader to take so you can convince them to do so. 

Maybe at this stage in your business, you want new subscribers for your email list. Maybe the goal is convincing visitors to purchase your first product. OR maybe you’re still in the beginning stages of building your brand and want to establish camaraderie and familiarity with your target audience. Make sure you know WHY you’re posting, and what action you’d like your readers to take.

Whether it’s a blog for your website or your first Facebook ad, always ask the question, “What do I want my audience to DO?” Jot down your answer on a post-it, and keep it next to you while you work. As you write and edit, this is an excellent way to ensure your message stays concise and to the point. Your audience is waiting for you to tell them what you want them to do, so make it easy on them!

So there you have it! These are three steps that most businesses miss the mark on when it comes to copywriting. By applying these tips each time you sit down to create content, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition. And of course, always check for grammatical errors, and maybe even run your copy by a friend to make sure you’re accomplishing your goals. With these quick and easy tips, you’ll be well on your way to writing clear, powerful brand copy in no time.

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